Sunday, August 15, 2010

Funky New Bottle Lamps

For months now I've been stumped about what to do with some really great bottles that friends and family were bringing me, but they just lost their personality once the kiln got hold of them. Such a shame! They would make the perfect addition to a bar, rec room, man cave, office, dorm room, bachelor pad, etc. Wouldn't they!?!

Light bulb moment! (pardon the pun :o) Make lamps out of them!! Many of these bottles were a bit on the large side for cheese trays, so for a lamp they are perfect. I have the first two listed in my Etsy shop already, and many more to come.

My bottle lamps have some features that many others out there do not,such as:
- I try to reuse the cap on the bottle (if available) to keep it more authentic looking.
- I use silver colored lamp wire so the wiring is nearly invisible inside the bottle.
- I don't use the readily available "bottle lamp conversion kits" out there that leave the wires hanging from the top of the bottle for the world to see. That's just tacky!
- When I drill the back of the bottle, I take extra care to keep the back label in perfect condition. Since water is needed during this process to keep the glass from getting too hot and cracking the bottle, others out there really do a number on the labels. Not so attractive!
- The cords measure approximately 8 feet long, not just six like many other lamps, so it allows more placement versatility in rooms with a limited number of outlets, like dorm rooms, modified basements, man caves, etc...
- The plugs I use have the cord entering from the side, so even in those tight spots where the outlet is tight behind furniture, it will fit easily without having to keep your furniture 2 inches off the wall.
- The light socket is a 3-way, so you can use either a 50/100/150 incandescent bulb, or the new CFLs 12/23/29 equal to the old 50/100/150. If you don't want to spend the money on the 3 way bulb, a regular old incandescent or CFL will work just fine, too. Just need the extra click when turning the knob.
- Last but not least, you can save a small space in the landfill, and best of all they are just plain COOL!!

These lamps are sold without the shades, since there are so many different decorating styles. No fret! You can pick them up at any big box store or home supply store for around $8-$15. The small to medium sizes work best. I used the ones with the built in ring that simply slips over the top of the light socket before screwing in the bulb. Very easy assembly.

Keep checking back in my Etsy shop for more great "flavors". I will soon have Bacardi Rum, Jim Beam, Patron Tequila, Tanqueray Gin, Kahlua, and many others. I also welcome custom orders on these. As long as I can find your bottle of choice, I can make the lamp. :o)

Thanks for subscribing!

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